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instructor Sean Tyson of Armed Weaponry

Sean Tyson

Sean's impact reverberates through his community, as he equips individuals with the knowledge to protect themselves while upholding safety and respect.

His legacy is built on empowering others to embrace their Second Amendment rights with a sense of duty. In a world where personal security is paramount, Sean Tyson stands as a down-to-earth instructor who walks the talk, ensuring that Guns, God, and Country remain at the forefront of his mission.


A certified firearm instructor and armed security guard with a mission. Holding both D and G Security licenses, Sean's experience as an armed security guard paved the way for something more meaningful.

Driven by his core values of Guns, God, and Country, Sean transitioned from guarding to educating. With a no-nonsense approach, he now shares his expertise to help others navigate the world of firearms responsibly. Through Sean's guidance, students not only learn the ins and outs of handling firearms but also the weight of being a responsible gun owner.

instructor Sean Tyson of Armed Weaponry

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